The World of Work in 2019 report

WORKTECH Academy has created a new report with its seven global partners, which incorporates the research we undertook for our "Puzzle of Productivity" report. “The World of Work in 2019” identifies and analyses the key factors that shape the contemporary workplace.

Our section within the report considers why leadership strategy and workplace design require closer integration to solve the continuing puzzle of low productivity.

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@WORKPLACE 360 | 17 Apr

How is your level of light intake affecting you? Our Saskia Lorrison continues her "Light Diet" to discover how changing her light intake impacts her energy 🔋, sleep 💤, productivity 💡 and more! #LightDiet #productivity #wellbeing @lystechnologies

@WORKPLACE 360 | 12 Apr

Our Consultant Saskia Lorrison will be trying out @lystechnologies "Light Diet" over the next week to see how changing her light intake impacts her energy, sleep, mood, productivity and more! Watch this space! 💡 #wellbeing #light #sleep #productivity

@WORKPLACE 360 | 3 Apr

CBRE, Deloitte and British Land are amongst the organisations who are rolling out the WELL Building Standard across their portfolios. But what are the routes to a WELL Building? 🌷🍀 #workplaceconsultant #seeworkplacedifferently #WednesdayWisdom

@WORKPLACE 360 | 28 Mar

🗺 Munich, Germany 🗺 Our team of workplace consultants travel all over the world to meet clients and have extensive industry experience, delivering strategic, ‘real world’, evidence-based advice: #consultancyservices #workplace #seeworkplacedifferently

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