Jimmy Choo

The Brief

The London HQ of world-renowned luxury fashion brand, Jimmy Choo, appointed 360 Workplace to undertake a workplace strategy programme to define the needs of the organisation by delving into their ways of working.

The vision was to achieve a functional and inspiring workspace that reflects the brand's image while also catering to the needs of its employees. Their new workplace has been meticulously designed to serve as a dynamic platform for product display and team collaboration, providing an immersive experience for both employees and clients alike.


Workplace Strategy, Employee Engagement




25,000 sq ft


What We Did

After initially considering an office relocation, Jimmy Choo decided to stay put and refurbish their existing space. It was important to them to invest time upfront to define their requirements and deep-dive into their organisation’s ways of working.

Our workplace strategy process started with a company-wide engagement programme through Leadership workshops, interviews with all departments and conducting studies to determine how teams operate, collaborate and interact. This enabled our workplace consultancy team to capture Jimmy Choo’s future of work vision, culture and operational requirements.

Stakeholder interviews covered several topics such as identifying what was currently working, areas for improvement in their future workplace, determining team adjacencies, identifying storage requirements, assessing space planning, and understanding different workstyles within each department.

During our early consultation process it became clear that the office felt too corporate and there was an aspiration of wanting to see the Jimmy Choo brand identity represented throughout the space. People wanted to feel more connected to the luxurious Jimmy Choo brand and see a closer link to the aesthetic of their world-famous boutiques. Sustainability was a key aspect of the project.

The need for more agility was another key project driver. Jimmy Choo’s existing 1:1 desk ratio meant that their existing space could not accommodate breakout, collaboration, socialisation and relaxation areas. Engagement process also highlighted issues regarding meeting rooms availability and areas to take video calls.

The Outcome

Working closely with the Jimmy Choo team, we created an evidence-based brief to address the needs of the organisation, from employee to visitor experience, and offered a variety of settings, providing choice and flexibility.

With our sister company Area, we have designed a variety of formal and informal meeting spaces, supported by technology to enable teams to work within their designated neighbourhoods or move to alternative settings to foster collaboration and productivity.

The new space now exudes elegance, with a palette that mirrors Jimmy Choo stores, showcasing the organisation’s creativity and talent.


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360 Workplace case study


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360 Workplace case study



360 Workplace case study

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