Our B Corp Impact Report 2023/2024

A Commitment to Real Change 

Over the past year, our B Corp certification has become a core part of our DNA, guiding our actions and shaping our future. Our first B Corp Impact Report offers a detailed look into our journey towards sustainable and purpose-driven practices, highlighting our achievements and future goals across five critical areas: Governance, Workforce, Community, Environment, and Customers. 

As a workplace consultancy, we strive to help companies integrate sustainable practices into their workplace environments. We offer our clients enhanced support for sustainability strategies and impactful accreditation schemes. This enables us to create spaces that not only support productivity and wellbeing but also adhere to the highest sustainability standards. 


We invite you to explore our full report to gain insights into our journey, learn about our initiatives, and discover how you can join us in making a difference. 

Download the Report  


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