Eigen Technologies

The Brief

Eigen Technologies, a forward-thinking technology company, faced a pivotal crossroads when their lease came up for renewal. The global pandemic had fundamentally altered the way they worked, leading them to realise that their existing office space no longer aligned with their evolving needs.

Once operating on a strict one-to-one desk ratio, Eigen Technologies was now embracing a hybrid work model. To navigate this transition and create a contemporary, flexible, and collaborative workspace, Eigen Technologies enlisted the expertise of 360 Workplace in partnership with Area.


Workplace Strategy, Employee Engagement




10,000 sq ft


What We Did

Eigen Technologies’ primary goal was to facilitate the transition from a traditional office setup to a dynamic, collaborative, and agile workspace. They sought a workplace consultant to guide them in conducting a comprehensive workplace analysis and translate its insights into a modern office design. Crucially, Eigen Technologies wanted this transformed space to be a magnet for their remote and hybrid-working employees, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging collaboration.

360 Workplace initiated the project by conducting a thorough workplace analysis. This stage involved engaging with Eigen Technologies’ employees to understand their work habits, preferences, and pain points. Through surveys and interviews, the team gained valuable insights into how technology, collaboration, and wellbeing could be integrated into the new workspace.

One of the key insights from the analysis was the need for advanced technology infrastructure. Eigen Technologies required meeting rooms equipped with user-friendly tech solutions to facilitate seamless virtual and in-person meetings. The project incorporated this requirement into the design phase, ensuring that technology was seamlessly integrated.

The Outcome

Recognising the importance of collaboration, the project incorporated dedicated collaboration zones with easy plug access and custom-designed furniture. These zones provided employees with the freedom to work effectively and exchange ideas comfortably. Employee wellbeing was a paramount concern for Eigen Technologies. The workplace strategy incorporated elements of biophilia, introducing plants and natural elements throughout the space.

As a result of the workplace analysis and design, Eigen Technologies was better equipped to introduce a hybrid working model. The new space now caters to the needs of employees who worked from home while providing an attractive office environment for those who preferred an in-person experience.

The Eigen Technologies workplace transformation project exemplifies the successful adaptation of a traditional office space to the demands of the modern workforce. Through comprehensive analysis and employee engagement, the project achieved its goal of creating a dynamic, technology-forward, and collaborative workspace. Eigen Technologies is now poised to thrive in the era of hybrid work, with a vibrant, functional, and attractive office that draws employees back while accommodating diverse work preferences.


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