The Brief

Following the recent workplace strategy, design and delivery of their international headquarters in London, we were thrilled to continue our close working relationship, supporting Vertex in the rollout out of their international design principles and employee engagement strategy across their Sydney, Munich and Paris workplaces.

A blueprint was created for all workplaces where wellbeing, collaboration and employee experience are at the core of the design. 12 months prior to their Paris move, we worked on a detailed multifaceted workplace strategy and employee engagement exercise including an occupancy study with sensor deployment. Pre-occupancy survey results and data collected leading up to the design phase highlighted insufficiencies in space for employees to focus and have confidential conversations. Insights also reflected that although their existing space was no longer conducive for agile working, there was still resounding support for Vertex’s culture of trust and work-life balance.


Workplace Strategy, Employee Engagement, Change Management




10,000 sq ft


What We Did

With a comprehensive understanding of space utilisation, environmental conditions and user behaviour from insights collected prior to their move, our team developed an intelligence-led concept with wellbeing and sustainability at the core. Not only was ‘sustainability’ a key aspiration, it was an attitude that we wanted to express in every aspect of the design.

Working in collaboration with Vertex, Perial, Cushman & Wakefield and Area, we incorporated a number of evidence-based design and operation strategies that support the physical, mental, and social health of occupants. Throughout the duration of this project, the workplace was reviewed using the Fitwel certification system – the world’s leading accreditation, setting the industry standard for evidence-based strategies to promote positive health outcomes for building occupants and communities.

The Outcome

The change management programme was designed to help employee transition to a more agile way of working and empower ‘change champions’ to have input on the design of their environment. This phase included the creation of a set of guiding principles to facilitate the adoption of the right behaviours upon returning to work, a ‘frequently asked questions’ forum and a destination guide.

We are extremely proud of the efforts of our project team, having been awarded the first Fitwel 3 Star Rating in France. This project has delivered an environment that has transformed the way people work and provided an enriching experience for employees, celebrating inclusivity and diversity.




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