The Brief

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), a renowned coffee-making company, operates a significant manufacturing facility in Banbury, UK. In addition to its substantial production and distribution centre, JDE also maintains smaller offices in Henley and Dublin.

Approaching a lease break, JDE's Henley office was facing challenges linked to the growing trend of remote work. This shift became evident in the office space, which experienced a notable decrease in engagement. Concerns also surfaced regarding the reduced face-to-face interactions and the impact this was having on team dynamics. Seeking expertise in the built environment, JDE approached 360 Workplace to revitalise their Henley workplace. JDE expressed a desire for a space that not only encouraged in-person engagement but also facilitated effective communication and collaboration with international teams. The challenge extended to incorporating diverse cultures into the office environment.


Workplace Strategy




What We Did

To gain insights into employee attitudes, an engagement survey was conducted. While the desire for increased in-person interactions was evident, the data revealed a preference for flexibility. The heritage of the company played a significant role, with employees showcasing a strong connection to the brand.

Upon completing surveys and analysing data, we proposed several key recommendations:

To enhance communication with international teams, a space booking system for meeting and focus rooms was recommended. This would facilitate efficient scheduling and utilisation of collaborative spaces, ensuring seamless interactions across borders.

Acknowledging the need for a comprehensive transformation, we proposed a complete redesign of the Henley office. This included a collaborative effort to develop a design brief that aligned with JDE’s goals and addressed the challenges identified in the survey.

Recognising employee preference for flexibility, the design approach aimed to strike a balance. Spaces were conceptualised to promote both in-person collaboration and flexibility, accommodating the diverse needs and expectations of the workforce.

The Outcome

Following the delivery of a comprehensive workplace strategy project, the Henley office underwent a remarkable transformation. The introduction of the space booking system improved communication with international teams. The redesigned office space successfully balanced the desire for in-person engagement with the flexibility valued by employees. The celebration of JDE’s heritage created a work environment where employees felt a deep connection to the company and its products.


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