Pioneer DJ

The Brief

Amid a global pandemic, with all employees working remotely, Pioneer DJ wanted to understand how their people were coping, and to investigate future working options, including whether to keep the existing office, relocate or transition permanently to virtual working.

Pioneer DJ had the option to exit their existing lease, rethink their property strategy, commitments and the associated cultural, employee and financial implications – all during a time of unprecedented workplace change. From early executive consultation and employee survey results, it was evident that working from home was delivering on efficiency, productivity and wellbeing aspirations for the Pioneer DJ team. There was a growing appetite to continue working remotely, however also indications that interacting only via virtual platforms would need to be managed carefully to prevent negatively impacting social connections and learning opportunities, as well as rendering those incidental ‘bump moments’ that are so important in building relationships, more challenging.


Workplace Strategy


South Ruislip


8000 sq ft


What We Did

Our Workplace Strategy team assessed various scenarios to inform a future real estate strategy, including options to transition to a fully remote setup, a ‘hub and spoke model’ and a relocation alternative. Understanding the cultural and wellbeing impact on employees of each property decision was key to this process.

Whilst retaining flexibility was paramount, it was also important to consider how Pioneer DJ could foster better interdepartmental interaction. Employee engagement activities highlighted how important the workplace was for impromptu connections and industry-specific tasks, such as product testing, which was difficult to conduct virtually.

The Outcome

By embracing the positive experiences and trust that underpinned the success of remote working, Pioneer DJ have created a culture where people can connect, collaborate and socialise – with a direct link to their products and solutions.

As Pioneer DJ looks to execute a strategy that relies on rich interconnection – both physically and digitally – we are thrilled to continue our relationship, monitoring performance over the coming months and assisting with future workplace decisions.

  • 66% of employees stated that productivity had increased in the past 12 months
  • 46% of employees want to continue working from home some days each week


of employees stated that productivity had increased in the past 12 months


of employees want to continue working from home some days each week


of employees felt that innovation had improved in the past 12 months

“The 360 Workplace team has been a great support, conducting a thorough review of Pioneer DJ’s working arrangements, focusing on the impact on staff, managers and teams as well as investigating potential future arrangements, taking into account the feedback and responses from managers and staff obtained by 360 Workplace. With 360 Workplace’s support, we are better equipped to make a decision for the future working arrangements suitable for both the company and employees.”

Anita Wilkinson | Head of Legal & General Affairs, Pioneer DJ




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