The Brief

In an effort to establish a more flexible working environment to accommodate their hybrid working model, Endava, a global software engineering enterprise, sought to renovate their existing office space. Endava’s objectives included increasing flexibility and productivity, create a new destination space as well as embedding and showcasing their brand identity.

Working in collaboration with fellow Fourfront Group companies Area and Sketch Studios, we supported Endava in achieving their goals through a comprehensive change management process, ensuring a successful transition to the newly renovated workplace.


Workplace Strategy, Change Management




What We Did

Change Management Strategy
An essential component of our strategy started with appointing internal change champions to support the workplace transformation programme. The programme consisted of a series of bi-weekly workshops over 3 months where we communicated the change vision, the project process and involved the team in disseminating information. Our change management team coached individuals on how to communicate this new working strategy effectively to their colleagues and help them navigate the transition process. Our team provided the essential knowledge, skills and tools to educate and enable them to spearhead and advocate the transition within their respective departments and teams.

To ensure appropriate communication was circulated across the organisation, we also provided Endava’s Marketing and Communication team with the necessary content and materials. This helped to ensure that all employees were made aware of the changes and understood their implications.

The Outcome

Moving into the new office
When it comes to change management, developing a moving plan is a crucial aspect to support the transition. In collaboration with facilities managers and the local teams, we developed a detailed moving plan for Endava’s people. With an in-depth understanding of Endava’s organisational workflow, we were able to recommend which teams should be present on which days, in order to minimise disruption and ensure a smooth transition to their new space. When drafting this plan, we considered factors such as departmental needs, work schedules, and logistical considerations.

To further support the transition process, we organised a two-week soft launch. This gave each team enough time to familiarise themselves with their new space, test out new equipment, and provide feedback that was ultimately incorporated into final launch plan.
During Endava’s first week in their home, we provided technical training for every single member of the team, ensuring users were familiar with new meeting room booking software and how to use the new wireless technology.

Finally, we assisted in curating their town hall presentation, which was instrumental in providing employees with an overview of their new ‘ways of working’. The presentation covered topics such as the new office layout, new equipment, and new policies, and helped employees understand how the changes would affect their future workflow.
Through the creation of a comprehensive relocation strategy and effective orchestration of launch proceedings, the team effectively minimised disruption and guaranteed a smooth transition for all staff to the new workplace.



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360 Workplace case study



360 Workplace case study

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