Islington Council

The Brief

Islington Council's existing office spaces were underutilised. The objective was to consolidate and reconfigure personnel from 20 buildings into just 10, while promoting a more agile work environment. The council sought to pilot these changes in two buildings before scaling up the strategy.

360 Workplace approached the project by first conducting a thorough situation analysis to understand the council's work patterns, employee needs, and operational challenges. Workshops were organised to create a hybrid model for employees, considering their varying working patterns and preferences for remote and in-office work. This hybrid approach aimed to accommodate people coming to the office three days a week while optimising office space utilisation.




What We Did

The workplace strategy focused on introducing activity-based working principles to promote collaboration and flexibility. 360 Workplace designed spaces with a variety of flexible furniture solutions, allowing employees to choose their work settings based on the task at hand. The team also integrated technology into the workplace to enhance productivity and seamless connectivity.

Acoustic panelling was installed to ensure a conducive work environment, mitigating distractions. Our team worked closely with HR, IT, and FM departments to align their processes with the new agile working principles.

To measure the success of the workplace strategy, we monitored the occupancy of the two pilot buildings over a two-week period. The data revealed that employees were utilising only 8% of the available office space, which indicated that the new agile approach was highly effective in optimising resources.

The Outcome

The Islington Council project was a challenging yet unique undertaking with many stakeholders involved. Working with a public sector organisation required adherence to strict regulations and guidelines. However, through transparent communication and collaborative efforts, we navigated these challenges to deliver a successful workplace transformation.

By introducing activity-based working principles and optimising office space, Islington Council achieved its objective of reducing office space usage. The project demonstrated the importance of tailored workplace strategies and effective collaboration in driving organisational change. Islington Council’s transformation serves as a testament to the positive impact that thoughtful workplace design can have on public sector organisations seeking to optimise resources and foster a dynamic, collaborative culture.



360 Workplace case study



360 Workplace case study


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360 Workplace case study

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