The Brief

Asmodee UK, a leading board game company, sought our expertise to create a brand new office that would foster collaboration and improve overall efficiency.

The company was facing the challenge of having their headquarters spread across three different buildings, with one located in a different town. This geographical separation hindered employee connectivity and created barriers within the organisation.


Workplace Strategy, Change Management




What We Did

Our first step was to thoroughly understand the challenges that Asmodee was facing. To gain valuable insights, we conducted comprehensive staff surveys across different departments and interviewed the management team. This gap analysis process allowed us to identify current challenges and devise targeted solutions.

To ensure that we captured the aspirations and preferences of Asmodee’s people, we conducted staff visioning workshops, providing employees with a platform to express their aspirations for the future office space.

The Outcome

The ‘day in a life’ workshops played a crucial role in understanding the diverse needs and working styles of the employees. These workshops provided a valuable opportunity for staff members to share their typical work routines, challenges, and preferences.

During the workshops, we encouraged employees to walk us through their typical day, highlighting various tasks, interactions, and work modes they engaged in. This in-depth exploration allowed us to gain insights into their unique needs, including their work setting preferences, technology requirements, collaboration patterns, and the type of environment that would enhance their productivity.

We observed Asmodees’s employees in action, noting their interactions with colleagues, the tools and equipment they used, and their mobility within the workspace. By immersing ourselves in daily experiences and listening attentively to their input, we gained a holistic understanding of their work patterns, preferences, and pain points. This knowledge formed the foundation for their future workplace strategy.



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