Multinational Manufacturing Company (Confidential)

The Brief

A multinational manufacturing company, a leading player in the biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing sector, embarked on a comprehensive workplace strategy and facility transformation in collaboration with 360 Workplace.

This initiative aimed to evaluate their future working approach, taking into account the global pandemic and remote work arrangements. The focus was on optimising their real estate requirements at their flagship biopharmaceutical facility in Slough, UK.


Workplace Strategy




45,000 sq ft


What We Did

We conducted a multifaceted workplace strategy and employee engagement exercise to understand the company’s vision, financial goals, and cultural objectives. Through executive consultations and employee surveys, it became clear that the flexibility associated with remote work had positively impacted efficiency, productivity, and employee wellbeing. However, the company recognised the importance of fostering interdepartmental interaction and facilitating industry-specific tasks that were challenging to conduct virtually.

The company’s existing space, spread across two floors, did not support agile working or seamless connectivity between departments. The objective was to create a campus-style environment that embodied the company’s brand values, nurtured a sense of community, and prioritised employee wellbeing.

Taking advantage of insights gathered from utilisation analysis, environmental conditions, and user behavior prior to
the transformation, our team developed an intelligence-led concept. The new working environment prioritises employee wellbeing and sustainability. It offers more space for radical collaboration, facilitating connections between individuals from industry, government, and multidisciplinary researchers. The enhanced facility enables higher levels of teamwork between disciplines while providing individuals with greater choice in their work settings.

The Outcome

The newly transformed campus goes beyond being a collaborative hub; it becomes a destination for socialisation, creativity, stimulation, and innovation. The company acknowledges the importance of serendipitous encounters and spontaneous interactions in driving breakthroughs. By creating opportunities for ‘bump and collision’ moments, the campus inspires creativity and fosters a culture of innovation.

As the company expands its presence in the field of Mammalian Biopharmaceuticals research, the Slough facility’s transformation aligns with the growth of the company’s international hubs in Hayward (US), Tuas (SG), and Visp (CH). This strategic alignment enables the company to meet the evolving needs of its customers while staying committed to its core values of quality, flexibility, and reliability.

The company’s partnership with 360 Workplace has resulted in an enhanced workplace strategy and facility transformation that empowers employees, fosters collaboration, and drives innovation. The new campus environment provides the space, flexibility, and amenities required for interdisciplinary collaboration and industry-specific tasks. By prioritising employee wellbeing and aligning with industry trends, the company is well-positioned to continue its leadership in the biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing sector.


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360 Workplace case study



360 Workplace case study



360 Workplace case study

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