Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

The Brief

Our client is a multinational pharmaceutical company who employs over 40,000 worldwide across 277 offices, including their global HQ in Paris. Upon meeting our client, only 25 offices within their expansive property portfolio supported Activity-Based Working, and there was a drive to transform their other offices to a new way of working, with their Dubai workplace being the next on their list. Having occupied three floors in their existing building for the past ten years, and due to a lease expiry, our client made the decision to relocate to a different building with a more open-plan environment that would better accommodate Activity-Based Working. The design was already established, and the location selected when 360 were appointed to assist with a change management programme that would help their workforce transition to a new way of working and ensure user adoption.


Change Management




63,000 sq ft


What We Did

360 worked with designated change champion groups to ensure every nuance of the business had been captured in the new working culture that was being introduced in their new building. Additionally, the workspace has no assigned decks or closed offices; as part of the change management programme, 360 helped educate teams how to use the various work settings available to them. 

Understanding the importance of having open channels of communication, weekly newsletters were issued, a portal for employees was set up and Q&A sessions took place to communicate key stages of the project.

The Outcome

Changes that came with their new working environment included no eating at desks – to support this policy, the company has an on-site café providing fresh produce and a pop-up shop. Parking is further away from their new location, so a minibus service now shuttles people to and from the office.

The Activity-Based Working approach meant there would be no storage on site. 360 ensured staff were aware of the changes and processes to help prepare for the transition. Lastly, all IT systems were changing and being updated; 360 facilitated drop-in sessions for the team to get familiar with the new IT set up.


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