‘Designing Coworking Spaces Post COVID-19 - Is A Change Going To Come?’ GCUC Webinar

360 Workplace joined sister company Area in hosting a webinar as part of GCUC's online conference.

The 'Designing coworking spaces post COVID-19 - Is change going to come?' session explored both the short and long term impact of COVID-19 on workplace design, particularly in relation to coworking spaces. 360 Workplace and Area provided their insight on some of the ‘return to the workplace’ strategies currently being adopted, and discussed whether these short term changes will lead to a systemic change in workplace design.

Joining the discussion was Hana and The Clubhouse who provided an operator’s view on what might need to change in the future design of coworking spaces.

The panel included: Area's Design Director, Kathryn O'Callaghan-Mills; Hana's Marketing Director for EMEA, Edward Harbison; The Clubhouse's Chief Operating Officer, Owen Gregory; and 360's Co-Founder, Aki Stamatis.

To watch day two of the GCUC Conference, with the 'Designing coworking space post COVID-19 - Is a change going to come?' session starting at 1:31:13, please click here

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