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Coronavirus One Year On: What Should Companies Do Next?

One year on from the start of the global pandemic, organisations in every sector are crawling out of their shells to plot the future. There was a blur of activity during successive lockdowns with swift tactical reactions to events on the ground, but now the time is fast approaching for companies to present coherent new strategies over the medium to longer term.

In this special 2021 Trend Report from WORKTECH Academy, we explore the strategic paths companies can take to navigate a hybrid future of work.

This special report identifies six main archetypes, as follows:

  • Choice Champions: making flexibility and choice the cornerstones of their new workplace strategy
  • Tech Investors: turning the pandemic to positive effect by kick-starting major investment in new technologies such as VR and AR
  • Space Shapers: using the pandemic as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rationalise the real estate portfolio and reduce costs
  • Wellbeing Watchers: escaping a public health crisis by focusing relentlessly on the physical and mental health of their people
  • Data Drivers: putting data at the heart of their corporate strategy and culture in a bid to become more resilient
  • Resolute Returners: aiming to improve company culture, innovation, learning, and productivity by bringing everyone back to the office


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