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Optimising the Hybrid Workplace Experience: Our Hybrid Working Guide

What is hybrid working? Three years post-pandemic and many companies are still navigating the changes hybrid working has brought to the workplace.

Hybrid working isn’t just a consequence of the pandemic, the workplace has slowly been moving towards a hybrid model since the introduction of portable devices and cloud-based solutions – so why are so many organisations making a u-turn on their remote working policies?

With a flexible model for employees, organisations can expect to see productivity and engagement increase. A survey conducted by McKinsey showed employee productivity increased by 45%! In this guide, with industry research we explore the benefits of a hybrid working model for both employees and the larger organisation. With cynicism about the practicalities still prevalent, this guide aims to confront these barriers and provide solutions to optimising your hybrid working model and workplace design.

To learn more, access our Hybrid Working Guide here.

White Paper

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