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The Dynamic Workplace: An Activity-Based Working Guide

Over the past couple of months, we have seen the world’s most influential conglomerates bring their people back to the office. Despite ‘return to the office’ mandates at an all-time high, many employees are firmly resisting – Is this really a surprise?

Following the pandemic employers offered increased flexibility and greater autonomy as the world navigated an uncertain future. It could be argued the current post-pandemic working environment is built on a shaky foundation of unsustainable strategies and continually changing amendments to the idea of what ‘new ways of working’ means to employers.

As the physical workspace struggles to keep up with the high expectations of both employers and employees, many leading organisations are looking at activity-based working to offer a more balanced working environment of flexibility and efficiency. Activity-based working was created to inspire in an agile work setting – designed to incorporate collaboration, concentration, socialising, relaxation and many other activities people perform throughout the workday.

With a 22% increase in collaboration and a 20% increase in retention rates, activity-based working may be the answer to better corporation as ‘return to the office’ mandates continue full steam ahead. To learn more, access our Activity-based working guide here


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