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Wellbeing in the Workplace - Putting your employees at the heart of your workplace vision

“We spend 90% of our lives in buildings, which means our health and wellbeing is influenced significantly by the built environment.” BRE 2019

It has been said, that on the return to the office, your FM team will have a stronger impact on your health than your GP. With this in mind, we hope that wellbeing in the workplace will be taken more seriously than ever before.

At 360 Workplace, we like to think of wellbeing as a state of mind. It’s a feeling of comfort and contentment that allows us to thrive and perform at our best. Every aspect of a workspace impacts on our sense of wellbeing. A well-designed workspace encourages engagement and makes people want to come to work. A poorly designed workspace inhibits creativity and innovation, and ultimately performance.

It is therefore important to incorporate wellbeing into the design, fit-out and working culture, when considering how to bring your staff safely back to the office when planning a relocation or refurbishment.

Our Wellbeing in the Workplace Guide explores the importance of:

• Employee engagement

• Flexible working

• Activity-based working

• Social aspect

• Let the sun shine

• Air quality

• Noise, acoustics and privacy

• Aesthetics

• Natural elements

• Implementing change

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