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What happens now to office space? Q1 Trend Report 2023

This Trend Report examines four theoretical models for the advancement of office buildings in the hybrid era, as alternative work styles start to revolutionise how workspaces are utilised and occupied.

In the first quarter of 2023, numerous companies have accelerated their efforts to bring employees back to the office and have made substantial investments in reimagining and refurbishing their
workplace resources. Nonetheless, there are still uncertainties about the objective and direction of office space in the hybrid era. What should be its purpose? What part should it play in a diverse
work ecosystem?

According to a report from Cushman & Wakefield released this quarter, the rise of hybrid working will lead to an oversupply of 330 million square feet of unoccupied office space in the United States
by the end of the decade. The report, named 'Obsolescence Equals Opportunity', emphasises the need for a renewed effort to revamp and adapt existing office inventory. In an effort to add to the
ongoing conversation around the future of office buildings, WORKTECH Academy has dedicated this Trend Report to presenting the own viewpoint on this matter.

Access the Q1 Trend Report here.

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