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What we relearnt about work: Q4 Trend Report 2022

This Trend Report explores the concept of ‘unworking’ key aspects of work and workplace – from the scale of interior space to the scale of the city and the cloud.

This process of relearning covers many aspects. It even has its own name – unworking – which is taken from the title of a new book by WORKTECH Academy co-founders Jeremy Myerson and Philip Ross, Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office (Reaktion Books, 2022).

The Trend Report draws on some of the most important themes in this book which defines the term ‘unworking’ as unravelling how we work, unbundling the assumptions that are baked into the
modern office, and unlearning the habits, management styles and workplace cultures that have traditionally defined our behaviour at work.

‘Unbundling the assumptions that are baked into the modern office’

The task of unworking is therefore to reimagine what work and the workplace could be in the future. So, what assumptions did we unravel in 2022, and what did we relearn? Five essential acts of
unworking are discussed in this report, which considers topics in the order of ascending scale from learning, design and leadership in the workplace to the scale of the city and the cloud.

Access the Q4 Trend Report here.


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