Workplace innovation

Yesterday we held an internal innovation workshop in partnership with Worktech Academy as part of a wider research on workplace design.

The various teams were tasked to discuss different types of Leadership and their impact on the workplace environment. The interactive workshop also involved creating a model of what their concept workplace would look like. Each team were given a “toolbox” containing various materials and objects to support the model creation.  Teams then presented their concept, its rationale and benefits to the wider group.

The models generated gave an insight on what the future workplace could look like. Whist each model created was very different, they had a common thread of being centred around the user and providing a multi-functional, multi-sensory experience.

Leeson, Director at 360 Workplace says: “Innovation is one of our pillars and we do strive to future proof our clients’ workplace environment, in a world where the 10 year lease has become obsolete. In today’s workplace design, we are told choice is important, and we are now at the stage of the “super experience”. The future workplace and world of work will need to offer the same latitude as what we have as consumers. As consumers, we become brand advocates or fans – it is about time that we rethink the workplace to have the same appeal.”

Leeson adds: “We don’t want to divulge too much yet as this was the first stage of our research which will also involve our clients, opinion formers and global partners. All will be revealed at Worktech London in November!”


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