Workplace performance report launching at WORKPLACE Week and WORKTECH, London

Since 2008, the global workplace has been trying to recover from a decline in productivity, searching for new ways to reboot employee performance.

As a discipline workplace, has immersed itself in the discussion with debates on how to define productivity, what influences productivity and arguments about the right measures. But, despite strong research focus on the subject and plenty of practical initiatives to effect change, only patchy progress has been made in the past decade to raise productivity inside organisations around the world. It feels like the discussions are too similar. Something needs to break the cycle and take the debate away from covering the usual suspects ranked by index.

360 Workplace have been involved with the project from the start and were very keen to take a different approach. ‘The Puzzle of Productivity’ report explores the parameters of the subject of workplace performance by presenting the results and implications of a short international research study, which examines key factors and attitudes around driving up performance in the global workplace. The study was undertaken in collaboration between The United Workplace partners (Fourfront Group, Summertown, Amicus, Contract Workplaces and Ware Malcomb) and WORKTECH Academy, and had participants from organisations in the UK, USA, Australia, South America and UAE as well as via WORKTECH’s global network.

The questions are similar to those in other research, but they have a different motivation. We came into this with no preconceived ideas, no products to sell and no membership offers to promote. Our goal is to take the feedback we have obtained and use it to shape a constructive ongoing discussion. It is the first step in what we hope will be a series of reports that form a chain.

The first chance to kick start this process is at our own Workplace Week Fringe Event: Workplace Performance, on 13 November on the fifth floor of the Counting House near London Bridge. Leeson Medhurst, director at 360 Workplace, will present our findings.

The official launch will take place at WORKTECH18 London in November, where Fourfront Group’s chairman, Aki Stamatis, will introduce the report and its findings before Jeremy Myerson, Director of WORKTECH Academy, hosts a panel discussion with the United Workplace partners. We believe the findings are different to what you might expect.

Taking part in the panel includes: Aki Stamatis; James Kemp, CEO and founder of Australian workspace fit out company Amicus; Victor Feingold, CEO of South American design and fit out business Contract Workplaces; Marcos Bish, Managing Director of UAE-based office fit out company Summertown; and Ted Heisler, vice president of USA-based office design consultancy Ware Malcomb.

Find out more about WORKTECH and register for a ticket here. Find out more about the ‘The Puzzle of Productivity’ report here.


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