Your Workplace or Mine? Podcast: Being a Part of the Solution with Fourfront Group

Join 360 Workplace for episode 2 of the 'Your Workplace or Mine?' Podcast, where we delve into the topic of sustainability with Duncan Morris, Head of Sustainability at Fourfront Group – 360 Workplace’s parent company.

In this episode, Duncan shares insights ranging from demystifying greenwashing and detailing the process of achieving B Corp certification to discussing how his childhood ignited a lifelong passion for the environment, shaping his purposeful career.

Duncan advocates for all organisations to play a role in creating sustainable business impact, both internally and externally. He emphasises the significance of defining the meaning of sustainability, aligning organisational priorities with sustainable practices, and crafting an ESG strategy that supports financial success and stakeholder agendas. Duncan emphasises the importance of engaging every member of the organisation, educating them on how their day-to-day actions can have a positive impact, and collectively creating a business with purpose.

The discussion delves into the prevalent term 'greenwashing' and addresses significant questions, such as how organisations can ensure their actions will have a lasting impact.

As the Head of Sustainability of a proud B Corp organisation, Duncan sheds light on the journey to becoming a B Corp, from the rigorous assessment process to what this sought-after certification means for Fourfront Group. Discover how the company's transparent, company-wide discussions contribute to building a business that is genuinely committed to being a force for good. With a bottom-up approach, Fourfront Group involves every member of its organisation, leveraging their expertise to inspire innovative solutions and maintain its status as the UK's leading environmentally conscious design and build organisation.

You can listen to the full podcast episode here.

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