Your Workplace or Mine? Podcast: Building a Workplace Experience that Evolves with Convex

Join 360 Workplace and Convex for Your Workplace or Mine? Podcast episode 1: Building a Workplace Experience that Evolves with Convex here. 

In this episode, Guenaelle Watson, Managing Director of 360 Workplace, interviews Saskia Lorrison, Head of Workplace Operations at Convex. Saskia describes Convex's unique office design as unexpected, impressive, and evolving. She emphasises the importance of creating a warm and calming environment, incorporating organic shapes, natural element, and the brand's unique visual identity.

The discussion delves into the concept of workplace experience, with Saskia highlighting the collaboration between departments including marketing, HR, operations, and IT. Saskia explores the role of workplace experience in attracting employees and fostering a positive work environment.

Saskia also shares her insights on the design intent behind Convex's office, brought to life by Area. Focusing on the use of light, air quality, and activity-based working to support neurodiversity, the discussion concludes with a reflection on building a great organisational culture. This culture is centered on trust, psychological safety, and treating employees with respect.

In a more personal conversation, Saskia discusses her ideal workday, emphasising the importance of human contact, laughter, and joy in the workplace. The episode concludes with Saskia sharing advice she would give her teenage self, reflecting on her experience with university and career choices.

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