The Brief

When the UK’s National Lottery operator Camelot Group were looking to update their existing office space, they took the opportunity to review their way of working.

Wanting to further promote a positive working culture, 360 Workplace was tasked with providing a workplace solution that utilises modern technology, supports employee wellbeing, encourages collaboration across teams, and benefits the business’ bottom line. 360 Workplace worked with Camelot staff to help promote one of their existing company values “think differently”.


Workplace strategy




95,000 sq ft


What We Did

Initially, 360 Workplace undertook a full Workplace appraisal to better understand Camelot as a business. A 3-week utilisation study was carried out which found staff were opting to work away from their desks, and seeking alternative meeting spaces. The low desk and meeting room utilisation concluded that Camelot’s 500 employees could consolidate into two of the three buildings they occupied.

Staff surveys and senior leadership interviews concurred that a range of different working solutions were required to help break team silos, encourage collaboration and cater for quiet working when needed.

Camelot staff were encouraged to contribute to the design process by sharing inspiring office images using Pinterest and Instagram. Staff participation was also encouraged via monthly Change Champion meetings where office etiquette, house rules and new ways of working were discussed.

The Outcome

360 Workplace worked closely with the Camelot internal comms team to provide regular staff updates, moving guides, and ensure sufficient training was provided detailing how to utilise the new workplace.

The cultural change was supported through intelligent design and an informed furniture selection. Encouraging collaboration and a cohesive working environment, the main tea point and service hubs were relocated to the core of each floor, providing a central area for teams to come together. Dispersing from the core, teams have been staggered outwards with groups requiring higher levels of concentration positioned on the perimeter where closed meeting rooms and more formal work settings are located.

  • 752 desks observed across 3 buildings
  • Average utilisation across the 3 week period was 42.4%
  • Meeting Room Occupancy 21%
  • The busiest space in the entire building was the staff restaurant - 79.8% utilised


desks observed across 3 buildings


Meeting Room Occupancy


Average utilisation across the 3 week period


The busiest space in the entire building was the staff restaurant - 79.8% utilised

“360 Workplace and the Area team were a pleasure to work with. They understood Camelot's requirements and restraints, working in a collaborative manner to really change the way we work whilst ensuring that they delivered a product which was on time, within budget and fit for purpose.”

Project Manager, Camelot




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