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The Brief

The Brief

360 Workplace were appointed by our communications provider client to help rationalise their space. Due to a lease break, our client had an opportunity to vacate their building in London’s Zone 1, which was no longer fit for purpose. The client’s existing space was spread over eight floors and needed to determine whether to look elsewhere for a new building or condense in their current building, with the option of subletting the remaining floors. They enlisted 360 Workplace to undertake a space analysis to help with this exercise.




30,000 sq ft


What We Did

The process started with a time utilisation study over 10 working days, reporting on all 328 working spaces. The heatmaps created from this provided a very clear indication that the use of the space was not maximised. By delving deeper into the how the business was operating through interviews and workshops with a broad cross section of the company, we were able to make specific suggestions that would improve the culture and productivity of staff.

The Outcome

The report produced was provided to the PM team who issued it as part of the building brief to the client ahead of viewing potential new spaces. Due to our in depth understanding of not just how the company works, but their employee’s preference too, we were able to specify which location in London they needed to be in.




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