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The Brief

Our client, a renowned international talent and sports agency, represents some of the most influential artists and athletes across the world.

As their Munich office faced several challenges, the talent agency sought the expertise of 360 Workplace to implement an innovative workplace strategy that would optimise their space, enhance employee experiences, and foster collaboration among teams.


Workplace Strategy




What We Did

The agency’s upcoming lease break provided an opportunity to consider a relocation. The existing building in Munich presented several challenges, needing a wider range of amenities and better space utilisation. Our client wanted to explore new ways of working and needed support on how to best approach this transition. Crucial questions arose concerning the building’s functionality and what improvements were necessary to create a productive and conducive work environment.

360 Workplace took a holistic approach to tackle the agency’s challenges, starting with a comprehensive space audit to understand the current layout and identify areas of improvement. To gain in-depth insights into the agency’s specific requirements and work processes, our team conducted numerous interviews with different departments. These interactions revealed a pressing need for a dedicated client suite to better cater to the agency’s high-profile clientele.

Understanding the local context and environment was essential to designing an effective workplace strategy. Our Workplace Strategy team met with the local team, allowing us to gain a better understanding of its dynamics. Collaborative sessions with the local team involved in-depth data gathering through surveys and interviews, ensuring that the final recommendations addressed the agency’s unique challenges and requirements.

The project involved defining future space requirements and typologies to support a wider range of work modes. Core principles of the workplace strategy included enhancing the workplace culture, building healthy communities, and delivering a people-first design, flexibility, and seamless technology.

The Outcome

The workplace strategy has provided the multinational organisation with valuable data and insights, enabling them to make an informed decision regarding their tenancy and facilitating productive discussions with their current landlord. The comprehensive 360 Workplace report now serves as the architectural plan for the agency’s upcoming workspace, designed to foster a dynamic environment that embraces hybrid work models, encourages collaboration, promotes social interactions, and enhances the overall visitor experience.


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360 Workplace case study


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360 Workplace case study



360 Workplace case study

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