Specialist Travel Provider

The Brief

The Brief

Our client in the specialist travel sector hosts a portfolio of travel businesses under one umbrella brand. After a property review, a decision was made to release some real estate, combine cultures and relocate some brands to a new home on the outskirts of London. The new and existing teams were moving to a more ‘agile’ way of working where individuals were encouraged to work from home one day a week or more, utilise local amenities for the rare large meeting and work remotely whilst on the move. The relocation meant staff were faced with uncertainty and change: a different commute, new workplace and new colleagues from different parts of the business. 360 Workplace were appointed to support staff transition to a more flexible way of working, communicate the changes throughout the process and ultimately help them settle in their new workplace.


7 months


South East London


35,000 sq ft


What We Did

360’s Change Management Team supported the Project Team by:
• Providing communications throughout the construction phase and relocation
• Offering insight to the behaviours of change and what to expect to the Senior Leadership Team
• Working closely with members of staff from all brands to educate them on the new way of working and how it would impact them day to day
• Gaining data on each team’s specific requirements so everyone’s needs were met day one
• Running ‘Agile Working’ workshops for all members of staff across the sites
• Writing the company’s new Agile Working Policy
• Creating a welcome booklet to introduce the new workplace and policies to staff

The Outcome

On week one, a phased approach with staggered start time for each team was implemented to enable staff to get familiar with the new workplace at their own pace. Staff settled quickly as they knew what to expect following the various communication touchpoints.




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