The Telegraph Group

The Brief

TMG (Telegraph Media Group), proprietor of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, wanted to modernise their working practices and enable them to become more agile as a business, with an emphasis on the results and outputs of their work and not on how much time they spend at their desks.

By introducing ‘Smart Working’, their aim was to create a collaborate workplace environment that enabled easier communication while providing staff with the responsibility and trust to work better thus satisfying the needs of both the business and its staff.


Workplace Strategy






What We Did

The process: (maybe not process, maybe ‘actions taken or ‘the tasks’ or ‘the approach’?)
In order to obtain a more in-depth understanding of how TMG works and utilises its space, 360 Workplace undertook a three-stage process; An in-depth utilisation study to determine how well and/or underutilised the space is, highlighting key areas and spaces needing attention. An online staff survey to ensure all staff had the opportunity to share their thoughts and provide anonymous feedback on their current space and aspirations for the further smart workplace. Finally, conducting senior leadership interviews to gain further understanding of the business, how it operates and to challenge the status quo leading to a better knowledge of the appetite that exists to adopt a new way of working.

The Outcome

TMG’s original intent was to consolidate office space and dispose of unneeded real estate back to the landlord to save capital. Our workplace study gave proof of concept that, at a 44% occupancy, the business could move to an agile working environment which will allow for savings on property and through a change management process enable staff to make better decisions on how and where they work in the future.




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