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Without data you are nothing more than an opinion

Ideal for agile working environments, sensor technology benefits the workplace experience and performance, ultimately enhancing productivity and reducing costs. More than just a real time occupancy solution, sensor technology enables data-led space management decisions.

Contemporary, agile, task-orientated environments can be disorientating, frustrating and time consuming for people to navigate. Live information on what spaces are available throughout the day, allows employees to make informed decisions about what type of work settings they can use that best meets their needs.

Long term sensor deployment and resulting analytics provides deep insight about space utilisation, environmental conditions and user behaviour. This allows organisations to make continuous refinements to workplace environments, and informed decisions on their real estate strategy.


ABW supported by accurate data collection technology are enabling London based companies to make substantial occupancy cost savings.


average collaboration space utilisation. Empirical data into the effectiveness of specific work settings enables improvement strategies to be devised based on fact.


meeting room efficiency. Real time insight into occupation (61.6%) and optimisation (40.6) provides a breath of fresh air in the fight to truly understand enclosed space usage.


of Millennials consider technology in the workplace when choosing a new position.

Workplace analytics

Sensor technology, coupled with physical observations and a staff survey can provide an accurate picture of how a workplace is currently utilised. On an ongoing basis, it can provide not only utilisation of various work settings, but also environmental factors within the space such as heat, light and noise. Depending on requirements, there are also options to include additional services such as room and desk bookings, and integration into a building management system.

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