Enabling evidence-based workplace decisions

Typically conducted during RIBA Stages 0-1 (Strategy and Briefing), our workplace consultants collaborate with clients to align their strategic business objectives with their workplace requirements. Our deep dive into your objectives, vision, brand, culture, values and operational models gathered through a series of interviews, workshops, observations, surveys and data analysis accurately informs the workplace change process.

By understanding both business and employee drivers and challenges (relocation, refurbishment, employee attraction and retention or supporting cultural change), we can define space requirements, desired ways of working and support operational requirements. This qualitative and quantitative data and insight gathering combined with feedback from visioning sessions informs a comprehensive design brief that results in the creation of an environment that is future-proof and fit for purpose.

This approach results in workplace environments that supports employee satisfaction, wellbeing, productivity and engagement.


of knowledge working is not adequately supported in the modern open plan office environment.


of clients who have engaged with 360 Workplace have made notable real-estate savings through better insight of occupation needs and implementation of an activity based working.


post occupancy average ratings support the principle of offering employees an environment with alternative work settings.


of employees felt their new office environment had a positive impact on the culture of the workplace.

Workplace strategy

We consult with stakeholders at all levels of an organisation to provide a complete analysis that balances business objectives with staff and property requirements. We conduct a series of visioning sessions, interviews, workshops, surveys, utilisation studies and space planning exercises to get a 360-degree view of your current workplace performance, how people interact with the space and to define future requirements.

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