Workplace Technology – optimising the workplace experience

We offer bespoke consultation services to transform your workplace through technology.

Technology in the workplace is a natural extension of the way employees work. It simplifies tasks, improves people’s productivity and creates more efficiency. Nowadays, technology plays a key role in the design of a successful work environment and at 360 Workplace we understand how important this is to our clients.

To avoid impact on costs, our consultation process starts at the very early stages of your workplace project, covering everything from audio-visual technology to workplace management platforms.

Our unique approach
Using insights drawn from data collated about your business and requirements, our in-house technology consultant is able to identify the right solutions to suit your business.

Our services include:

  • Audit of your current technology systems
  • Workshops with leadership teams to showcase the art of the possible
  • Solution demos and equipment loans
  • Budget qualification
  • Final presentation and report of recommendations


of workers believe they will have meetings with participants joining from home


of executives at high-growth companies believe that technology improves communication


predicted annual growth rate of the smart workplace sector


of Millennials consider technology in the workplace when choosing a new position

Bespoke technology solutions

Technology is best when seamless, We design Technology solutions in working spaces that simply do what you need them to do, with technology playing its role in the background, enhancing the workplace experience.

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