Workplace Technology – optimising the workplace experience

Technology plays a key role in creating a frictionless workplace.

We offer Technology Consultancy to support hybrid working and create inspiring, innovative environments. We can advise on a range of digital solutions tailored to your business objectives and cultural aspirations, including:

  • Media walls, wayfinding and digital signage
  • Immersive branding experience
  • Desk / room booking and Teams / Zoom rooms
  • Sensors / workplace analytics and occupancy management
  • Audio and Video Conferencing, including ‘always-on’ immersive conferencing
  • Visitor Management, dynamic occupancy management and workplace apps
  • Hybrid meetings and collaboration / huddle spaces

We use quantifiable data to inform the strategic pathway and analytical framework from which our clients’ can plot their route to revival. Our workplace analysis tools provide deep insight on space utilisation, environmental conditions and user behaviour, allowing organisations to make continuous refinements to workplace environments, and informed decisions on their real estate strategy.


ABW supported by accurate data collection technology are enabling London based companies to make substantial occupancy cost savings.


average collaboration space utilisation. Empirical data into the effectiveness of specific work settings enables improvement strategies to be devised based on fact.


meeting room efficiency. Real time insight into occupation (61.6%) and optimisation (40.6) provides a breath of fresh air in the fight to truly understand enclosed space usage.


of Millennials consider technology in the workplace when choosing a new position.

Bespoke technology solutions

Great technology enables you to work from anywhere - creating flexibility, agility and enhancing productivity. We offer an integrated approach to connect people, space and technology, seamlessly. We design bespoke solutions, delivering effortless user experience across multiple locations, platforms and systems.

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